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- My Story -

Just like most of you reading.. Up until recently, I had no idea what Bitcoin was all about let alone what a bitcoin even was. And it wasn't until the end of last summer that I started taking the time to educate myself and to actually start buying into Bitcoin - amongst several other cryptocurrencies.


My son, youngest of 4 boys, was born in April of this year - 2017 - with half of a heart, HLHS. When his heart formed, it did not form a left ventricle and he has since had multiple open heart surgeries to create a sort of single ventricle cardiac system. As I'm sure you can understand, this was devastating for my wife and I as we did not have any knowledge of our son's condition before birth. When something like this happens, I pray it never happens to any of you, you tend to start making sure everything is in order and you have backup plans for backup plans and plan b's for plan b's. 

This is when I listened to a good friend and got started with Bitcoin. Yes, I got in at an awesome time! I've more than tripled what I initially started with and after that my same friend also referred me to the Vista Network where I am literally multiplying my bitcoin while I sleep. As cheesy as it may sound, this is my reality now. Buy, trade, appreciate & mine Bitcoin.

I don't claim to be a Bitcoin "know-it-all" and I certainly don't have a magic algorithm to become a millionaire overnight. I know only what I've learned and accomplished myself. If you'd like to know what I did and how to get started for yourself, then register today!

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